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‘So this is all very well’, you might say, ‘but I want more! Where can I find things you’ve published in academic journals and such?’ Fear not, reader: this page answers your cry. Here you can find my publications, including links to them where they’re online. I’ll keep this updated as and when new things come out. Happy reading!



The politics of being Norman in the reign of Richard the Fearless (943-996)’, Early Medieval Europe 23 (2015), pp. 302-328 (open access).

A saint, an abbot, his documents and her property: Power, reform and landholding in the monastery of Homblières under Abbot Berner (949-982)’, Journal of Medieval History 41 (2015), pp. 155-168 (open access).

Vikings and Bretons? The language of factional politics in late Carolingian Brittany’, Viking and Medieval Scandinavia 11 (2015), pp. 183-202 (not open access).

After Soissons: The last years of Charles the Simple (923-929)’, Reti Medievali Rivista 18 (2017), pp. 1-20 (open access).

Sub-kingdoms and the spectrum of kingship on the western border of Charles the Bald’s kingdom’, The Heroic Age 17 (2017, open access).

‘The young king and the old count: Around the Flemish succession crisis of 965’, Revue Belge de Philologie et d’Histoire 95 (2018), pp. 145-162 (not open access or indeed online yet but will be in a couple of years).

A post-Carolingian voice of dissent: The Historia Francorum Senonensis’, The Journal of Medieval Latin 28 (2018), pp. 15-47 (not open access).



Review of Katherine Cross, Heirs of the Vikings: History and Identity in Normandy and England, c. 950 – c. 1015 (Woodbridge: York Medieval Press, 2018), pp. xiv, 262, in The Medieval Review (18/11/2018, open access).