Primary Source Translations

Often on this blog, I translate primary sources for 9th-11th century France and its neighbours into English, and it occured to me that it might be useful if I put them all together. So here they are, in chronological order of production:

800, very approximately: an early medieval love letter.

819, 7th March: a charter of Einhard freeing a slave and making him a Roman citizen.

829: the canons of the Council of Paris about kingship.

859, 14th June: Charles the Bald’s accusations of treachery against Archbishop Wanilo of Sens.

860, circa: a mass from Saint-Martin of Tours praying for God’s help against barbarian persecution.

869, 17th April: a charter of  King Salomon of Brittany in favour of the abbey of Plélan.

877: Archbishop Hincmar of Rheims’ Ordo to crown King Louis the Stammerer. 

877, January 6th: A diploma of Charles the Bald for Saint-Bénigne of Dijon.

885, December 3rd: a charter of Hugh the Abbot freeing a slave and making him a Roman citizen.

888: the Ordo to crown the first non-Carolingian West Frankish king, Odo.

900, circa: the Erdmann Ordo, a late Carolingian king-making liturgy.

913, August 13th: a royal diploma of Charles the Simple granting the cathedral of Trier the right to freely elect their archbishops.

928, November: a royal diploma of Hugh of Arles in favour of the abbey of Saint-Oyen-de-Joux.

935, circa: the Ordo of Seven Forms, a liturgy for king making from the earlier part of the tenth century.

935, circa: a fragment of a lost history about Duke Arnulf the Bad of Bavaria.

936, June 24th: a royal diploma of Hugh of Arles grating 700 manses to his nephew Hugh the Cisalpine.

936, July 21st: a royal diploma of Louis IV in favour of the cathedral of Autun.

959, September: a charter describing a judgement of Bishop Stephen II of Clermont.

962, circa: a genealogy of Count Arnulf the Great of Flanders written by Witger the priest.

979, August 6th: A charter of Liutgard of Chartres and her friend Godeleva granting land to the abbey of Saint-Père de Chartres.

989, June 1st: The acts of the Council of Charroux forbidding violence against churches, the poor, and unarmed clergy.

980, circa: the Ratold Ordo, an Anglo-Saxon influenced liturgy for making a king.

1001, circa: A charter of Bishop Rainald of Angers defending himself against an accusation of simony.

1091: a charter describing how Odo, lord of Péronne, restored land to the abbey at Compiègne.